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General Discussion / A movie star is born
« on: September 15, 2006 9:15 PM »
One more...Chip took my cap, drew a camper on the Jakester, and signed it.  That hat will be for special occasions!


General Discussion / A movie star is born
« on: September 15, 2006 9:10 PM »
I guess "Lurker Jake" (as Tom calls me) has to come out of the weeds and reply to this post. I'll introduce my self later in the appropriate forum for those who don't know me.

Myself and fellow NDSCS instructor, Tim Such, got the opportunity of a lifetime in being guest builders on the TV show Overhaulin'. It started last March when the Sata (spray equip. co.) put on a training seminar for our students. During a break in the training, Overhaulin' came up in the conversation...and how one of the Sata owners had become a pretty good friend of Chip Foose, had been on the show a couple times, and Sata had become a major sponsor of the program. Well the next question is "Can you get us on the show?" After a few months of emails and the start of a new season of the show, it all came together and we spent Aug. 8 through Aug. 17 in Irvine, CA as guest builders on an episode which is entitled "Juvenile Delinquent". It pertains to the premise that the 13 year old son has taken dads '67 Chevelle for a joy ride, gets pinched by the cops, the car impounded, and lost in the impound system of L.A.

We had the "adventure of a lifetime". What a blast. We worked our tushes off at times and other times just sat around and bs'd. One day was fairly intense. We started at 8am and worked steady until 3am the next day. Tim and I spent those last 3 hours aligning all the side glass. We were the last two in the building that night (I guess morning).

They were a great bunch of people to work with. With regular team members, sponsor builders, guest builders, and production crew, there were about 40 or so people around most of the time. And just like most everyone says "Chip is just a regular guy." He seemed to like to unwind with everyone around midnight and just sit around the table and doodle, drawing sketches for us, and bs'ing with everyone. He is one talented person!

The Chevelle was actually finished, and driven a day earlier that usual. I guess it's the first time that has happened. I'm not sure how that will play in the episode. I'm not sure how any of it will go. They filmed 200 hours and it gets trimmed down into a one hour show (with commercials). You never know, they may cut out all of an old fart like me!

Any way, it was a once in a lifetime deal. Had a heck of a good time. I'll attach some pics if I can figure that out or add some in another reply. We spent the morning of the extra day just hanging around Chips shop. That's where some of the pics were taken. The "A" Tub was back for some tranny repair...I love "A's"...I hopped in and had Tim take my pic.


(Kat - which one of my neices do you know?)

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