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Powder coat VS Paint on my 32 frame.......

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Looking for pros and cons of both.... Was going to powder coat but thinking twice... Im getting down to the final days before its done......

Here's my biggest issue with powder coat on certain things like frames and suspension.  A lot of times what I've seen with powder coated parts is they get a rock chip, and you don't notice it but it's there, moisture sucks in there and it starts rusting behind the powder coating, till one day it bubbles over and flakes off and you got a huge rust spot. 

I don't know pros or cons but I would paint. Repair or change of color would be much easier.

Also a lot has to do with prep and the coating applied some are stronger than other or have better adhesion.  I am building a '29 on a '32 frame and my plan is to powder-coat suspension components but paint the frame itself, this will also allow for blocking and filler to smooth any sins out something harder to do with powder-coating. 

 :( Another week to think about it but leaning twards paint...Just drop parts off at one place and get everything done instead of taking some here and there......


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