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Actually I am from Fargo where I grew up, HS in Sioux Falls, college back at NDSU and then off to Oregon where I work as an Architect (still working on my license though!).

Learned about all I know from my grandpa on his farm out by Valley City.  We built him a T bucket first and then one more traditional for me that wasn't done until after I moved out west.  About three years ago I couldn't wait any longer and flew home to drive the car out.  Since then it has been amazing actually being able to work on it and some other cars in my free time.

Glad this site was brought to my attention and happy to be here to learn and maybe share what I am doing!  Plus whenever I make it back to God's Country it will help me connect with other car people!

Brian aka Fordman1

Welcome to the board Brian. Post some pics when you have time.

welcome to the site---how was this site brought to your attention?

Indeed, welcome aboard and I'm also interested in how we were brought to your attention.

I think I posted too many pictures and crashed my last post!  So I will try to recreate and break them up.

I reached out to Sko_Ford on the HAMB as I had seen the Suedes CC pop up quite a bit over there.  I am at max capacity for car projects right now and my family wants to clean up the farm stead in ND to sell.  So I need to either tow four-five cars to Oregon or sell them or crush them as the family wants to do.  They are recently posted in the classified ads as I am hoping someone needs a project!

Turns out I just missed the start of all of this when I left in '02.  My current stable is my hotrod my grandpa and I built: 1925 Model T, 1950 Ford Tudor, 1978 F150 that came from a MN farm and my "new" daily driver 1988 Mustang.  The '50 is up for sale to buy a house and the T is getting 16s and bias plys this summer.  Plus I am on the look out for a 26-27 Coupe body to get rid of the fiberglass.


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