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Hello from Fargo/Moorhead

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Hello everyone Thanks for allowing me into your group. My name is Steve and I'm building a model A coupe. I became aware of Suedes car club through Ross several years ago and thought of your group the other day while working on my car and surfing for some expertise. My "A" is pretty rough, picked it up I guess as a "coupester" awhile ago and haven't done anything with it. Nows the time!  I have a running 8ba and some 35 ford spokes for it. I also picked up some parts in Brainerd a couple weeks ago to put the "Coupe" back in the coupester. Hoping to get some needed suspension parts in the next few weeks. I know I have a ton of work to do but would like to have it out next summer.

Sounds like a good project. What year is it?

Welcome to the board.

Welcome to the board any pictures

hi and welcome!


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