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I’m not a fan of self-introductions (somehow it feels suspiciously like bragging).  So, [deep breath] here goes:

I grew up in a car family, and spent many hours as a child hanging out in my dad’s shop.  I was lucky to find a husband who shared the same appreciation for cars that I did, which just makes it that much easier to fuel the car habit.  Oops, I mean, “hobby”.  Though many cars have passed through the Dillon Garage, the current residents include a '36 Ford 5-window taildragger (MINE), and a '56 Ford convertible that used to belong to a friend of the family (I rode around in it when I was a kid).  We also have a '58 Olds 2-door sedan, and recently picked up a '56 Chevy panel truck.  There are also a couple of roadster projects that are patiently awaiting their turn in the shop:  a 1930 RPU that I bought for my husband while we were dating, and a 1927 Model T grafted to the back half of a 1929 Model A.  The T&A is an old hot rod that we discovered had been a cover car on the January 1959 issue of “Rod Builder & Customizer” magazine.   

My passion for vintage and historical design extends well beyond cars.  Other obsessions include collecting and restoring/maintaining antique jukeboxes & radios, furniture, and vintage clothes.  Scatter all those things about the historical home we are slowly restoring, throw in some swing dancing, and there you have it:  that’s me.

Let's see some pics of the cars!  I for one haven't seen what the T&A car looks like now!

Glad to see you made it on here!

welcome roxy--see you on saturday?

Welcome! So where did Roxy come from?


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