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Hey I made it on here...again

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Hey all,

I was registered at one point but mainly lurked but plan to be a bit more active.  :)  I suck at online intros and the fact that I know a lot of you in "real life" it seems really odd.  I don't come from a car family but I married into one  ;)  We have more cars than we have time or money and they are all in various stages of decay. construction or reconstruction. 

We have my wife's '36 Ford 5 window tail dragger.  A '56 Ford ragtop that was a friend of my wife's family.  She rode around in it when she was 8 years old and so it is like a part of the family.  We also have a '58 Olds 2 dr sedan, I am working on getting floors in hope to have it back together next year sometime.  Our most recent acquisition is a '56 Chevy Panel that I just put a 3spd OD and am trying to make it look right.  Been doing some shake down runs with it so I hope to be camping in the back at the Run 81.  Lastly I have 2 roadster project a 1930 RPU that my wife bought me when we were dating.  It was started never saw the road and needs to be reworked.  The last is a 1927 Model T with a 1929 A backhalf graphed to it.  The car is an old hot rod and was a cover car in Jan 1959 RODBUILDER & CUSTOMIZER.  It also was at the 1958 Oakland Roadster show.  I bought the car without the history known and with the help of many folks have gotten a lot more information.  I want to redo the car back with as many authentic details as I can and also drive it.  Attached in the car as it appeared on the cover in 1959. 

Cool story!  Welcome aboard!

Cool story. I know i just picked that issue up at 50s. Ill have to look.

Nice.  Now stop lurking and post pics

There are more pics on this thread on the HAMB.  I want to build it but am still sharpening my skills. ;)


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