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another ole goat who plays with cars


Greetings from sweltering Atlanta Ga. I seem to have come upon another bunch of guys with OCD (old car disease). I have had it for years. The maintenance drug necessary to control it, is cash and a suitable place to flush it.Other worthwhile substitutes for cash appear to be acetylene, welding wire, and the desire to burn something(including yourself). Fuel is another necessary component(the more explosive the better). And chrome, oh how I need to see (and hold)chrome.
I am a retired disgruntled postal worker, with 4 pieces of rolling junk - er -cars ,scattered around my abode. 2 of my cars are chopped(and actually painted) and the others have retained their stock roofs,and are adorned in glorious suede.I have a 46 Ford sedan, a 51 Ford F1,a 67 Galaxie, and a 70 Torino. I spend time every day working (breaking something)on  my car. I would include photos if I had a clue what I was doing.
I apparently am dyslexic when I type, so you may have to read my posts sideways. Its more creative that way


haha.  Nice intro post Phord.  Welcome to the board!  Also, we like pics. :-)

Welcome aboard.

Welcome- I'm a fan of things that have been chromed too.  Thanks for the reading tip- it helps a lot!


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