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Tom, I have a smith setup. How small do you think I need for sheet metal. Is the AW201 small enough or should I go for the AW20 or AW200?

Here is a full list of Smith equipment.

My torch handle is a Pureox (sp?) and I use a #2 tip for 18 and 20 gauge sheet metal. I see Pureox is not listed on the chart you have posted. Let me check tonight, I'll use a tip cleaner and mic it. That should get me close.

Gas welding is not rocket science, Pete was getting the hang of it. Set for neutral flame, have a small enough tip for the job. If you have too big tip opening and try to choke it back with a low flame it will pop back and blow a hole in the puddle. But the metal joint tight. Most of the stuff I did on Joel car this weekend had gaps and had to fill with rod, it doesn't make for a very good looking weld. Move the tip in a circular monition and back out for a second if you think you’re going to lose your puddle.


--- Quote from: "Tom" --- Set for natural flame, have a small enough tip for the job.
--- End quote ---

I think you mean "neutral flame".  #1 or #2 tip is all you should ever need for welding sheet metal.

To get a neutral flame - open acetylene till there is no soot - then adjust oxygen till the light feather disappears from the blue tip of the flame. Acetylene pressure should be 7# and oxy about 15# for welding.

We used to have the real small Smith torches, but when we made 6 new cart rigs last year they were not available any more.  Had to go with a larger torch, still Smith.



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