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Harbor Freight Belt and Disk Sander

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I'm going to be in Fargo in little over a week so I will be going shoping. Has any body used the HF 4" X 36" Belt/ 6" Disc Sander?? Is it like most of their elect motor balls??

I may have answered my own question. I see for $15.00 more I can have the same thing over at Northern.

Kustom Dallas:


--- Quote from: "Kustomdallas" ---Crap?
--- End quote ---

The Harbor Freight or the Northern??

Heck, it dont matter anymore its all crap. Last week I bought a grinder stand at Sears for the grinder I bought at Sears a year ago and ended up grinding on the darn stand for a half hour just to mount the damn thing. I'm really disgusted with everything I have bought in the last five years or so...there I feel better now...


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