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Here's a link to the plans (and a pic) for a folding worktable. It was from the Family Handyman. I made mine 54" wide. So I used more plywood. Works great and gets out of the way when you don't need it.  Or you can use just one side if you want.

Thanks Jake.

Do you anchor yours to the wall to keep it from moving around?

No, and I have never had any problems rolling it around.  It is not tippy at all.

A couple other changes I made.  I put non swivel casters on one end and locking swivels on the other end.  I added a grab handle on the swivel end. Rolls around nicely and you lock the two casters on the one end and it doesn't move.

I just put old style eye hook latches on each end of each side to latch when down.

Great idea!  But I'm gonna make mine out of metal instead of wood


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