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some painting tips for Eyeball (overspray 101)

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Here's some painting tips I thought about.  I do have a lot more information floating around in my head, but this is a good start and should bring up some questions that I can maybe answer, also.

Since you are doing a single stage urethane, I kind of taylored these little videos to that type of material.

Getting the spraygun set with a good mix of properly reduced color is essential.  If you get the first coats to wet or too dry it's really hard to recover a nice smooth job.  

Practise spraying a little on a test panel and see how the material flashes and wets out before you spray the body.  Get the gun settings dialed in.  For someone that doesn't paint a lot be careful of the speed of your passes.  Too fast=dry spray.  Too slow=flow checks (runs).  If you over reduce the product a little it is more forgiving as far as dry spray but you should plan 1 extra coat to keep the film thickness up to maintain the durability of the finished product and it's safer for sanding out some slight imperfections.

Here I'm promoting over reducing slightly to end up with a flatter layout of material.  This is the recipie that I used on Tom's "T".  With black single stage urethane this should work well.  

I don't like HVLP guns a whole lot.  They need to be used with about 1 grade or so slower reducer than you would with a regular gun.  If you aren't used to them it can get ugly fast.  I like spraying single stage urethane wet and with a little more pressure in order to break the material up into smaller droplets and get a flatter finnish especially on vertical panels.



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