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I thought I was signed up already but its been a while since I came to the page though. I like long walks on the beach, smelling fresh flowers, and wine samplers at the vineyard. Mom says I'm just big boned and a smart a$$ sometimes. Most you guys either already know me or seen me around. Figured I'd try to lurk around here a bit while I was getting event updates. -Lance

Welcome back, man!

Must have been some website construction, I could still see my old posts, just couldn't find my login for it.

We had a problem with spammers so I think they deleted anyone who hadn't posted for so long. Glad you're back and got an old ride again.

I figured it was something like that. Its been fun having something on the road again to tinker on and motivate me, I get bored with the f100 sometimes. I just been plugging away at little things here n there.  Took sally for a cruise last night, seemed like a good way to get her on board with it. She started having ideas herself, and they weren't too much different than mine, so I have that going for me.


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