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points, but no spark

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Pete, did you get this working?? And if so what was the fix??

Check that the carbon pin inside the cap is touching the spring contact on the rotor. I've seen the carbon fall out of the cap before.

Apparently the distributor wire goes to the negative terminal on the coil, my resistor goes in between the power wire from the ignition switch and everything else (starter and positive wire on the coil), and the wire from the ignition switch y's off and goes to the starter and the + side of the coil. I also learned how to set dwell, timing and all that without starting the engine. So, it has spark, now I just have to get it running. Tomorrow after drill it will run. The truck was one of those "it ran when I parked it" gigs. Ya. My electrical skills are poor at best.

is the resistor wiring built into the harness??? seem to rember replaceing the resistor wire with solid on lots of old chevys when going to HEI
you dont want to drop the voltage twice


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you dont want to drop the voltage twice
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Thats exactly what my HS shop teacher told me when he came up to help me get the truck running on Friday. by my errors described above, I melted the factory wire that is designed to have the correct resistance that you are wondering about. So, I had to put a resistor in. Bummer, eh? I'll get this points stuff eventually.


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